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  ‘QEPR – Help at Hand -Whenever You Need It!’ 


Successfully helping improve the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life from stressed out and angry CEO’s, worried mother’s, sad teenagers, traumatized war veterans to anxious rock stars – Paul guarantees results!

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QEPR techniques are proven to effectively help:-

Stress – Worry – Anxiety – Anger – Sadness – Grief – Fears/Phobias – Frustration – Depression – Love Pain – Guilt – Weight loss – Food/Other Cravings – Emotional Eating – Quit Smoking – Neck/Shoulder/Back Aches, Pains, Stiffness or Headaches

     ‘Paul Emery is very exceptional because he listens carefully, is understanding, knowledgeable and importantly helped me attain my desired outcome – to quickly overcome a severe anxiety problem, enabling me to feel better and get on with my life. I recommend him without reservation, and so will you!’  Mr. Brett Batchelor. 2015.

UK born Paul Emery, founder of QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release) is an ‘AsiaSpa Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010’ Award Winner, co-author of the Amazon #1 (business category) best-selling book ‘The Soul of Success’ with Jack Canfield  (‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and ‘The Secret’), and co-author of the Amazon (business category) best-selling book ‘The Winning Way’ with Brian Tracy

Paul is creator of Freedom from Pain – Today!’ a unique and powerful short video course that enables people to overcome any acute or chronic neck, shoulder, back ache, pain, tension, stiffness, headache and more! He is also creator of the very popular light exercise class, ‘Emer-gizes’.

Contact him for Skype and other consultations at:

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At 448 pages I hope, you will like your gift. It contains lots of useful information, tips and advice on a variety of subjects from finance to health. My contribution is two part:
1) How to use and apply a simple, yet powerful, new groundbreaking stress reducing technique called ‘Havening’ (which I now incorporate into my treatments).

I think you will be amazed to feel just how quickly it will help you overcome any stress, anxiety, worry, emotional distress even aches and pain that you may be dealing with.

It also comes with an exclusive link to complimentary videos on how to perform the technique, making it easy for you to get instant relief – just by watching!
2) An easy breathing exercise which is proven to lower stress, help you become less reactive, sleep better as well as raise your anti-aging hormone DHEA!


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QEPR is based on decades of proven scientific research and experience. It’s a psycho-sensory, meridian energy based mindbody treatment. It incorporates the best cutting-edge psychological methods developed over the past 40 years such as, advanced EFTNLP TAT TFT and Havening

The latest neuro-science demonstrates that specific soothing upper body touch creates positive chemical changes within the brains’ emotional/pain center – the ‘Amygdala,’ This alongside distraction and visualization techniques significantly releases unwanted emotion or pain. Release also occurs by holding/tapping specific powerful meridian energy points.

After a consultation, either in-person or via Skype, Paul’s clients report being emotionally stronger, lighter, more relaxed, happier and confident allowing them to lead better lives. Importantly, Paul also empowers his clients by demonstrating his simple, yet effective life-enhancing tools that can be self-applied anytime, anyplace for a life-time of continued emotional or physical support, stability and happiness.


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Paul, is an internationally renowned therapist who has worked from many of the world’s top health resorts e.g. Chiva-Som in Thailand.

His clients include doctors, psychologists, war veterans, journalists, talk show hosts, international iconic Rock and Pop stars, Olympic and other Athletes, Royalty, Supermodels, Hollywood and Bollywood movie stars as well as Grammy and Emmy award winners.

Paul studied with the foremost in the field of self-development and psychology from Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Roger Callahan, Gary Craig, Paul McKenna and more recently Dr. Ronald Ruden.

Paul has been featured on Fox, Sky, QF Radio, Australia’s hit show ‘Celebrity Overhaul’, in Vogue, Gala, Women’s Health, Financial Times, Sunday Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, OK Magazine, Frankfurter Allemande, Hurriet and Milliyet.


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Come and learn award winning QEPR (Level One) from its developer Paul Emery.

During Paul’s intensive QEPR Practitioner course you will learn the best, most effective and quickest techniques to help yourself or others – overcome a wide-range of problems from cigarette/chocolate cravings to sadness, anger, worry even headaches and chronic aches and pains! These are the same techniques that Paul has successfully tried and tested on 1000’s of clients.

You will be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish after this course! You will be able to cure any emotion quickly and easily and cure many physical problems that will surely amaze you and your clients.

For further details email: