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Paul Emery

Fast, effective treatment for – Stress – Worry – Anxiety – Anger – Sadness – Grief – Fears/Phobias – Frustration – Depression – Love Pain and Guilt. Also, Weight loss – Food/Other Cravings – Emotional Eating – Quit Smoking – Acute/Chronic – Neck/ Shoulder/Back Aches, Pain, Muscular Problems, PMS, Stiffness, Headaches and more!

I am very passionate and motivated to help you overcome your emotional or physical concerns – effectively and quickly!

Why? Because unlike myself and the 1000’s of people I have helped, I don’t want you to endure the years of needless suffering, endless search, travel, financial outlay and all the ineffective and slow therapies that I had to go through.

You see for most of my life I suffered from terrible anxiety, irrational fears and a social phobia. That was until I discovered the techniques I’ll be sharing with you.

‘Paul (Emery) is great – it helped me!’ Kate Moss. Supermodel & Icon

What is QEPR? A scientific based body/mind treatment, created by renown doctors and myself over decades of research, training and clinical experience working with 1000’s of clients.

An hour long treatment often includes either soothing upper body touch alongside thought distraction Havening (Havening research), ‘tapping’ specific meridian energy points: TFT (Thought Field Therapy – TFT research) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT research)Alongside practical cutting-edge advancements in modern psychology: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Rapid Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift. 

‘The miracle therapist!’ Marie Claire, Editor

How does it work? Almost two decades of neuroscience study proves that comforting upper body touch activates a slow electrical delta wave to the brain. This delta wave in turn sets off a electrical/bio-chemical reaction which releases an enzyme (Calcineurin) which targets and removes the particular thought activated encoded stress causing receptors in the brain’s emotional center – the Amygdala.

‘It (Havening) is going to change the face of therapy across the world!’ Famed celebrity therapist and #1 author Paul Mckenna Phd

Also unwanted emotional concerns can be quickly and permanently released through tapping very specific upper body points. Tapping unblocks and re-balances the disruptions within the body’s meridian energy system that were responsible for the unwanted negative feeling to sustain. Tapping also calms the nervous system and brain.

Exclusive Skype Consultations My Skype based QEPR sessions are as effective as they are in-person. So why not book a session today. I assure you, you will feel significant results even during your first session! Click HERE now for further information and to book.

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Get ache and pain relief today! I’m creator of  ‘Freedom from Pain – Today!’ A unique and powerful short video treatment course that will enable you to quickly overcome an acute or chronic physical concern. From neck, shoulder, back ache, pain, muscular problems, pms, tension, stiffness, headaches and more! This very affordable course and comes with a money-back guarantee – so nothing to lose by giving it a go! Preview it exclusively here! 

Download my co-authored Amazon best-selling books and overcome some stress, improve your finances and health! The first, ‘The Winning Way’ with Brian Tracy (Maximum Achievement) and other leading experts. The second, ‘The Soul of Success’ with Jack Canfield – (#1 New York Times ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and ‘The Secret’) and other leading experts.

In both books I write how you can use Havening to overcome any stress, fear or anxiety! Also several practical ways to overcome your work stress.

The books are packed with lots of other useful information, tips and advice on a wide range of subjects. From improving your finances and relationships to your health! Both are available as download at an exclusive reduced online rate here: ‘The Winning Way’ and ‘The Soul of Success’.

‘Paul Emery is exceptional! He listens carefully, is understanding, experienced and importantly helped me overcome a severe anxiety problem. I recommend him without reservation, and so will you!’  Brett Batchelor

Come and learn QEPR! Throughout decades I have traveled internationally to study with highly regarded doctors, such as Dr. Roger Callahan, Dr. Ronald Ruden, co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler. Also with EFT Founder Gary Craig, celebrity therapist Paul McKenna and more recently Kevin Laye and Karl Smith.

Now you can come and learn the best of the best teachings uniquely combined with my own experience and innovations that I successfully use in my consultations. All at a fraction of the time, research, experimenting and financial cost I had to! 

During my easy QEPR Practitioner course you will learn the best, most effective and quickest ways to help yourself or others overcome a wide-range of problems. These are the same techniques that I have successfully tried and tested on 1000’s of my clients. You will be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish after this course! Go HERE for further details.

‘It is like magic. I’m feeling amazed. Well, everyone should try him!’ Pratha Shah

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