Paul Emery QEPR

  ‘QEPR – Help at Hand –
Whenever You Need It!’

Developed by best-selling author Paul Emery of ‘The Winning Way’ co-authored with Brian Tracy, ‘Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010’ winner QEPR will quickly help you with your negative emotions, to quit smoking, lose weight or reduce aches, pains, stiffness and headaches. Successfully treating thousands of people from all walks of life from traumatized war veterans, anxious mothers, angry teenagers to stressed CEO’s-

QEPR helps

Stress – Worry – Anxiety – Anger – Sadness – Grief – Fears/Phobias – Frustration – Depression – Love Pain – Guilt – Food/Other Cravings – Emotional Eating – Quit Smoking – Neck/Shoulder/Back Aches, Pains, Stiffness or Headaches



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‘Magical –
concerns just
melted away!’

OK Magazine

QEPR is based on decades of proven scientific research and is a psycho-sensory, meridian energy based mindbody treatment. It incorporates the best cutting-edge psychological methods developed over the past 40 years such as, advanced EFT – NLP – TAT – TFT and now Havening.

The latest neuro-science demonstrates that specific soothing upper body touch creates positive chemical changes within the brains’ emotional/pain center – the ‘Amygdala,’ thereby releasing unwanted emotions. Release also occurs by holding/tapping specific powerful meridian energy points.

After treatment either in-person or via Skype, Paul’s clients report being emotionally stronger, lighter, more relaxed, happier and confident allowing them to lead better lives. Importantly, Paul also empowers his clients by demonstrating simple, yet effective life-enhancing tools that can be self-applied anytime, anyplace for a life-time of continued emotional support, stability and happiness.


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QEPR by Paul Emery

Paul, is an internationally renowned therapist who has worked from many of the worlds top health resorts like Chiva-Som in Thailand.

His clients include doctors, psychologists and stars such as The Scissor Sisters, Richard Ashcroft, Sir Michael Parkinson, Sir Clement Freud, David Koch, Megan Gale, Mia Kirschner and a 3 time Olympian.

Paul studied with the foremost in the field of self-development and psychology from Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Roger Callahan, Gary Craig, Paul McKenna and more recently Dr. Ronald Ruden.

Paul has been featured on Fox, Sky, QF Radio, Australia’s hit show ‘Celebrity Overhaul’, in Vogue, Gala, Women’s Health, Financial Times, Sunday Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, OK Magazine, Frankfurter Allemande, Hurriet and Milliyet.


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QEPR Course /Workshop

Come and learn award winning QEPR (Level One) from its developer Paul Emery this March at Richmond Nua,Turkey.

During this course you will learn the best, most effective and quickest techniques to help yourself or others – effective but little-known techniques! Techniques that Paul has successfully tried and tested on 1000’s of clients on a wide-range of problems from cigarette/chocolate cravings to sadness, anger, worry even headaches and chronic aches and pains! You will be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish after this course! You will be able to cure any emotion quickly and easily and cure many physical problems that will surely amaze you and your clients. For further details call: + 90 264 582 2100